Quest 90 Day HealthyCARE Commit To Get Fit Program

Quest 90 Day HealthyCARE Commit To Get Fit Program

Now is the time to take control of achieving your health and body weight goals! This is the program to help you achieve them.

Quest Fitness has joined the Genavix™ Wellness Network to make available to you their proven nutrition and lifestyle modification program.


Next Class will start on:

Wednesday October 3rd 7:30am to 9:30am

Program Cost:

$440 – Quest Member
$575 – Non-member

  • Non-members will receive 90 Days of full access membership to Quest Fitness.
  • Quest full access members will receive a reduction on membership dues while active in the program. ‘Off-Peak’ members will receive full access to Quest while participating in the program.
Each program will meet once per week for 2 hours.

See how the 90 Day Program has successfully changed program participants!

Each participant receives:

Initial and end of program assessment of: cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose, body composition (% body fat), body mass index and flexibility levels.

  • 13 weekly one hour group nutritional education sessions
  • 13 weekly supervised exercise sessions
  • 90 days of support from a Certified Wellness Coach
  • Comprehensive resource binder including meal planning
  • One on one exercise prescription to follow during the 90 day program

You will:

  • Learn methods of stress management
  • Engage in new exercises to stimulate change in your body
  • Learn optimal nutrition strategies to stimulate fat burning
  • Receive healthy recipes and eating plans to keep you on track
  • Track and journal your progress through our online portal
  • See significant changes in your health and learn how to maintain them

Over 2,000 individuals have completed the HealthyCare 90 Day Commit to Get Fit program in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. On average participants have lost 18lbs. in weight, and have seen significant reductions in their blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride and blood glucose levels. This program is designed to help participants overcome behavioral wellness roadblocks through education and practice.

Health Insurance & Employer Benefits

Because of the value of this medically based program, you may find that it qualifies for reimbursements from your employer or your health insurance company. This program is currently supported by Harvard Pilgrim and other carriers are in the process of evaluating it for reimbursement.

The HealthyCare 90 Day Commit to Get Fit program is approved by the American Heart Association.

For more information please contact
Quest membership services.

Average results from participants in this program at Quest Fitness (based on over 160 participants since 2014)

Weight Loss – 17lbs
Waist size – decrease 3″
Cholesterol -decrease 16 points
Triglycerides – decrease 42 points
Blood glucose – decrease 5 points
Blood pressure – decrease 15 points
72 % of participants still in an exercise program at Quest after 12 months

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