Massage Services and Fees

25 min. $40 – Buy Six and Save! $210 / $35 each

50 min. $60 – Buy Six and Save! $330 / $55 each

75 min. $90 – Buy Six and Save! $480 / $80 each

Choose from the following massage styles to create a customized massage experience at Quest!

Relaxation Massage
A classic Swedish massage that uses long gentle strokes to
stimulate blood flow and promote muscular relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage
A customizable massage that may include elements of the relaxation
massage combined with deep tissue work as requested.

Sports Massage
Great for helping the body to release lactic acid build up after an activity.
It will aid in recovery time, increase your performance and work out muscle soreness.

Our massage services are available to non members and visitors.  Our therapists
are all licensed in the state of Maine.

To schedule a massage appointment, please contact us at 207.467.3800. We will be happy to assist you!

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