Quest has Power

Quest has power and hot water, we were not impacted by the outage.  

Columbus Day – Regular Hours All Day

Quest will have regular hours on Columbus Day.

Loneliness is Bad For Your Health

  Studies show that loneliness is tied to inflammation and hardening of the arteries. Loneliness raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol which has long term damaging effects on the body. Even fruit flies isolated from other fruit flies are fated to shorter life spans. Loneliness is linked to our evolutionary instinct to need people

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Are you overly focused on the Scale?

Do you weigh yourself daily or even multiple times a day? Do you find that your emotions are closely linked to the number you see on that scale? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, you may want to re-evaluate how you think about weight loss. Here are a few points

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Telomeres: The Secret to Slowing Down Your Aging

There is a direct correlation between telomere length and the rate at which human beings age. Telomeres are the structures located on the ends of our DNA strands and chromosomes – kind of like how shoelaces have a plastic bit on each end. If the plastic bits on the end of shoelaces fall off, then

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Turning The Clock Back On Middle Aged Hearts

Can you turn the clock back and improve your heart health even if you leave it to middle age? It appears so. Recent studies of subjects who start exercising even at middle age are showing surprising results. Dr Ben Levine a sports cardiologist at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center who is the director of

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Our WICKED Small Group Training is designed to improve your overall fitness! We will focus on building strength, endurance and improving muscle tone. With class options in Studio One and the pool, your body will benefit from the cross-training experience. Each class is designed and guided by a Quest Personal Trainer to help take your

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Short Term Memberships, 10 Visit Packages & Day passes available

In the Kennebunks  just for the day  or the weekend? We have a full selection of short term memberships including 1,2 ,3 and 6 months plus day passes, 5 visit and 10 visit packages (these include access to over 60 classes per week). Here for longer? Join on a month-to-month membership: $72 month for full access

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Visiting the Kennebunks? Try a day pass

A Quest Day Pass gives you full access just like a regular member, take classes, swim in our salt water pool or work out in our air conditioned facility! Day passes include all the benefits of the full service locker rooms including towel service. Here for longer? Try a 10 or 5 visit pass (valid

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