Q. What does a membership cost?

A. The most common membership options are $72 month (full hours) or $45 month (off peak) with an enrollment fee of $99. Other short term memberships as well as 'corporate' discounts are available, please contact a member of our membership services team for details.

Q. Do I have to join for a year?

A. No. Quest has a month-to-month membership program. We do not require you to make a commitment longer than 30 days; we know you'll love us and keep coming back. (month-to-month membership requires an enrollment fee and auto billing)

Q. How do "Young Adult" memberships work?

A. Quest Fitness offers memberships to both high school age and young adults 18-25. For high school students age 14-18, with an adult member, we offer a $29 per month membership. For young adults age 18-25th birthday, we offer a $49 per month membership. Young adult memberships have a $59 enrollment fee. We offer flexible membership options for college students home on break, even for a 1 week visit. Call membership services for more information.

Q. What if I go South for the Winter or need a break for medical treatment?

A. No problem, we have built in a 'FREE' membership freeze for those who are not in the area between November and March. When you return, you resume your membership where you left off.
*For those who need a temporary absence at other times for health/medical reasons, the freeze is still FREE for periods from one to six months (documentation from a physician required).

Q. Can I freeze my membership for other reasons?

A. Yes, we charge a freeze fee of $17 per member per month on all adult month to month memberships - for non-medical freezes and time outside of November to March.

Q. Can I have my membership dues automatically deducted?

A. Yes, this is the primary method we use. You can set up your automatic deduction from your credit card, checking account or debit card - you choose.

Q. Do you offer any corporate discounts to local employers?

A. Yes we have established discounts with several local employers including SMHC, Kennebunk Savings Bank, the Towns of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport to name a few. Please contact us to see if you qualify or if you are interested in setting up a program for your company.

Q. Do you offer Off-Peak or memberships for Seniors?

A. Yes we have a Monday-Friday & Sunday (Check in between 10:45am to 2:30pm) Off-Peak membership which is priced lower than our regular membership. It allows you to use all regular services including classes during this time period with the exception of booking a private swim lane. Private Swim lane reservations can only be made with a full membership.

Q. Can I buy visits to use when I want?

Yes we have a 10 Visit Pass for $139 and a 5 Visit Pass for $75 (valid for 12 months, for individual use only).

These passes provide you the opportunity to take programs, classes and use facilities on your time at your own pace. These passes also gives you access to all of our featured group cycle classes.

Other short term memberships, for 1, 2, 3, or 6 months are available through our membership office, see our membership options tab for more details.

The information supplied here is a summary of typical questions we receive, for answers to more of your questions, please call us at 207.467.3800 and ask for one of our membership services team, we will be happy to assist you!