Telomeres: The Secret to Slowing Down Your Aging

There is a direct correlation between telomere length and the rate at which human beings age. Telomeres are the structures located on the ends of our DNA strands and chromosomes - kind of like how shoelaces have a plastic bit on each end. If the plastic bits on the end of shoelaces fall off, then the shoelace will begin to unravel; the same logic would be applied to DNA strands. Without telomeres, DNA would begin to unravel.
Short telomeres have been linked to premature aging. As our cells divide, the length of our telomeres gets shorter and shorter. Eventually, as we age, cell division slows with the shortening telomeres. Our telomere length represents our biological age, as opposed to our chronological age.
The University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) recently took a look at telomere length in relation to exercise. Their focus group consisted of thirty-five men in the early stages of prostate cancer. Ten men embarked on lifestyle changes including plant based diets, light cardiovascular exercise (i.e. walking for one hour daily), and taking yoga and meditation classes regularly. Twenty-five men were not asked to change their lifestyles whatsoever. UCSF tracked these men for five years. The researchers found that the men who embarked on lifestyle changes were observed to have significantly longer telomere length than those who did not make any lifestyle changes.
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